Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taiwan Varsity Campus Mulled

The Star Metro, Wednesday January 30, 2013

KAOHSIUNG Medical University in Taiwan is looking into the possibility of setting up a campus in Penang.

Its president Professor Liu Ching-Kuan said the university was in its initial stage of looking for possible resources to set up the campus.

“We would have to talk to the Federal Government on the regulations for establishing our campus in Penang.

“Establishing a campus here is not difficult as Penang still has a lot of land and we have good relationship between Taiwan and Malaysia.

“However, it is still in the initial stage,” he told a press conference at Paramount Hotel in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah on Friday.

Prof Liu said there were many Malaysians studying at the university in Taiwan.

“There are about 150 graduates and about 100 undergraduates from Malaysia,” he said.

The group from Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital and Taipei Investors’ Association in Malaysia had also visited the Penang Hospital.

Prof Liu said he was impressed with the rapid progress of the hospital, which was so well established.
Bright prospects: Lim (second left) shaking hands with Prof Liu during a luncheon at Paramount Hotel in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. With them are Steve Lin (left) and Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital director of international medical service Dr Jeng Cherng-Jye.

Penang Hospital Board of Visitors chairman Lim Thoon Deong said it was an honour to have Kaohsiung Medical University consider Penang as a place to establish their campus.

“Medical sciences in Taiwan is advanced.

“Our hospital, together with the Kaohsiung Medical University, would be able to exchange technical skills, where both our medical staff can exchange knowledge with one another,” said Lim.

He added that representatives from the board and the Penang Hospital had gone on a study tour to Kaohsiung Medical University last month, and had invited them to visit the hospital here in return.

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